Take Away

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are offering a new take away menu

Tunisian fish cake with a Tunisian salsa 8.50
Gaspacho with strawberries and beetroot vegan 6.50
Pear carpaccio with goat cheese in crust of almond 9.50
Hummus made with Almond Flour and Orange
with Pita bread(vegan) 7.50
Beef carpaccio with my special marinade 11.50
Quinoa salad with melon, avocado,
tomatoes and sesame seeds(vegan) 6.50

Main courses
Roasted rack of lamb with white port sauce and pistacho (x2pers) 38.00
Crispy leg of Duck with wild mushrooms 14.50
Lamb Couscous with Homemade Merguez, chicken and vegetables 25.50
Vegetable Couscus(vegan) 14.00
Tunisian vegetable rice with dried fruits and nuts(vegan) 12.50
Large King Prawns in a garlic and parsley sauce 15.00
Wild Seabass baked in papillotes with fresh herbs(x2pers) 33.00

Chocolate Fondant made with Almond Flour & White
Chocolate Heart 6.50
Strawberry tartalette 6.00
French cheese plater (4 types) with dried fruit toast 9.50
Vegan chocolate cake with avocado 5.00