Vegan and Vegetarian Menu

Traditional Tunisian Brick with Cheese and Egg** €7.50

Beetroot and strawberry Cold soup* €6.50

Tartar of Zucchini and Nectarine* €8.00

Chickpea Houmous with Almond and Orange* €9.00

Chakchouka with** or without Egg* €12.50

Pappilote of Vegetables with Turmeric and Feta Cheese** €13.50

Quinoa Stew with Vegetables and Chickpea* €14.50

Vegetables Couscous ( Preorder Only).* €14.50

Chocolate Panna Cotta with Coconut Milk* €6.80

Spring roll with red fruit and vegan ice cream* €7.50

* Vegan ** Vegetarian