Restaurants Palma de Mallorca French Tunisian Dining for Wedding Anniversary or Special Occasion

“Home is truly where the heart is”

Saloua Sfar A ma Maison French Tunisian Restaurant Dining for Wedding Anniversary in Palma de Mallorca or Special Occasion in Palma de Mallorca
Saloua Sfar “The Smiling Chef” of Palma Mallorca

I don’t have a big restaurant because I have a big heart full of love. I don’t use a microwave or frozen food because I cook with love and passion.

I don’t need a main street terrace because I have cosy rooms like home.  My kitchen is small but my plates are big.

I cater for all diets because I cook from scratch.  That’s why you need time when coming in.  And if you decide to enter in my house as a client be prepared to leave as a friend.

Saloua Sfar

“Enter as strangers, Leave as friends”

Located in Santa Catalina Palma de Mallorca, Restaurant A ma Maison serves a variety of French Tunisian dishes to enjoy whilst being in a relaxed, cosy dining experience. As all our dishes are homemade we can change the recipe to cater for any dietary requirements vegans, gluten free, diabetic etc. just lets us know when ordering. When booking please tell us if you are dining for birthday party for special occasion or wedding anniversary. We look forward to your visit to my house.