Special Dining Experience with A ma Maison and Faulty Towers in Mallorca

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to each of you who helped us create the Faulty Tower Dining Experience. What a special evening we had.
Special Dinner Experience A ma Maison and Faulty Towers in Palma de Mallorca“Let the Fun Begin..”

A special thank you to Simon Relph for your help on advertising, Dan Larsson and Linda Olsen for helping with hotels, Jani Mujunen for being the first ticket holder and fantastic work on the bar on the night, Key Kirstin Moeller and Peter Moeller for putting up with me, Dorothy Hurley for a great job selling many tickets, John Swift, Angela Griffiths, Martyn Rose, Adrian Doyle, Francesca Brancaccio, John Öjhammar for always been there for us. I would like also to say a BIG THANK YOU to my team Laura Bieber and Martina Lucci for your hard work. A big special thank you to my love Simon Payne for believing in me and helping me during all this time of preparation.

We had a fantastic evening and without all of you it would not of happened.

If anyone would like to post photos of the evening on our website please send them to us for all to see.

Saloua Sfar xx

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