Restaurant A ma Maison Palma de Mallorca New Menu for Winter 2015

Dining Menu Palma Mallorca Winter 2015

New Winter Dining Menu

From Tuesday 3rd November 2015, We will be introducing our new Winter Dining Menu, available lunch time or evening.


Home Made Soup of the Day
Well it change every day!!! just ask. €6.50

Quinoa Salad Tunisian Style.
A vegan dish Quinoa cooked with Tunisian spices and mixed with tomato, spring onion, peppers and lemon. €8.75

Vegetable and Lentil Galettas with an Avocado Sauce.
Lentil and vegetables croquette’s mixed with spices an ideal starter for vegan. €7.95

Gratin of Tomatoes and Goat Cheese.
Cherry tomatoes and goats cheese baked in the oven with egg and cream. Yummy!! Vegetarian Dish. €8.95

Traditional Tunisian Brick with Tuna.
Brik is a warka (wheat sheet) filled with a mixture of potatoes, onion, egg and tuna as a base shallow fried. With this starter you will have the opportunity to taste the most traditional starter of Tunisia. €8.50

Wild King Prawn with Garlic Saloua style
The Star dish of the House!!! Prawns with garlic and a very secret sauce that everyone wants to know what its made of !! €12.95


Saloua’s homemade Denton Couscous
Using homemade couscous bought over from Tunisia, and cooked in the traditional way this is one of our best selling dishes. Served with a fillet of Denton bought fresh from the market fresh vegetables and a spicy sauce, if desired. (pre order only) €20.50

Saloua’s homemade Royal Couscous
Using homemade Tunisian Cousous and cooked in the traditional way, this dish is also served with the melt in your mouth lamb, chicken, merguez sausages, fresh vegetables and a spicy sauce if desired. Make sure you are hungry when ordering this dish.(pre order only) €21.50

Saloua’s homemade Vegetable Couscous
Using homemade Tunisian Couscous and cooked in the traditional way, this dish is served with fresh vegetables, carrots, turnip, pumpkin, zucchini and chickpeas and a spicy sauce if desired. Suitable for vegans.(pre order only) €13.50

Fish of the day depending on market (ASK US)
The markets around Palma offer us all kinds of different fresh fish, but depending on the catch we will get the best available and cooked to perfection so just ask us

Duck Confit with Mandarin from my Garden.
Its called Confit in French!! An amazing cripy leg of duck with caramelised mandarin sauce, try it and be amazed. €16.50

Lentil and Cashew Nut Steak with Spicy Tunisian Sauce.
A steak made with a mixture of lentil and cashew nuts on a bed of spicy Tunisian Sauce. The perfect tasty vegan dish!!! €13.50

Filet of Lamb in a Pistachio Crust.
Very tender filet of lamb caramelized with a Pedro Ximénez vinegar and rolled in pistachio. Lambtastic!! €22.95

Chicken Supreme stuffed with Olives and Pistachio Sauce.
Breast of Chicken filled with olives and pistachio, the combination of these three will leave you speachless!! €14.70

Polenta Tart with Wild Mushrooms.
A creamy Polenta cooked with wild mushroom and truffle oil makes a fantastic tasty vegetarian dish!!! €12.50

Filet of Beef Surprise!!
A tender filet of beef with a surprise… Totally Divine!!! €23.50


White Chocolate Cheese Cake with Strawberry Ice Cream
Tia Saloua’s latest creation a light fluffy white chocolate cheese cake served with a strawberry flavoured ice cream. Gluten free.
Dessert Heaven!!! €6.50

Tarte Tatin with Apple flambée with Calvados
Fresh tarte tatin with golden apple flambée with calvados and Saloua’s little secret touch!! with homemade vanilla ice cream. €8.50

Homemade Lemon Tarte
Homemade lemon tarte with lemon from my garden, only order it if you like lemon!!! with a lemon sorbet. €6.50

Selection of Tunisian pastries with mint green tea
Homemade selection of Tunisian pastries, using mainly almonds, pine nuts and pistachios, served with fresh mint green tea. €8.00

Homemade chocolate Fondant
Homemade chocolate fondant using dark chocolate and almond flour, taking 15 minutes in the oven and served with ice cream. Gluten free. €8.50


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